Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The rule book has been thrown out...

Peppermint seedling for spring planting into the forest garden

I've been busy sprinkling seeds (harakeke and kowhai) and transplanting seedlings like cabbage trees (for shelter & shade, bees, birds and grass reduction) to mint (edible, & pests) and native broom (fixes nitrogen) in our new forest garden.

Our previous gardening mind set full of borders, straight lines and 'weeds' is fading, and we're entering a new way of thinking.  With it is coming a more natural type of food production which works together with the soil, insects, bugs and birds.  And a new love of all plants.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Our trip to the Guyton's Forest Garden...

We had the glorious opportunity of spending the weekend at Robert & Robyn Guyton's Forest Garden in Riverton over the weekend.  Apart from being hugely relaxing, uplifting and inspiring, we learn't an incredible amount from Robert & Robyn over those few days.

They are a spectacularly down to earth couple, filled with enthusiasm and very gifted in passing on their wealth of knowledge.

I'll be taking my time over the coming weeks and months to digest what we've learn't and, most importantly, begin to put it into practice and will endeavour to pass some of this knowledge on to you.

For now, here are some photo's from our truly inspiring weekend. Thank you Robert & Robyn!


Robert showing Sam how to Graft fruit trees

Friday, 18 April 2014

Thank you Ashburton

Thank you again Ashburton! For coming along and supporting the Down to Earth Eating talk I did with La from Home Grown Mt Peel last night. It was brilliant to meet you all we had some fantastic discussions and I hope to see you again soon. The dishwashing powder recipe will be up here next week. Bec ♥

Monday, 14 April 2014

I'm giving a talk this Thursday Apr 17 ASHBURTON

I'll be sharing some gems this Thursday (along with La from Home Grown Mt Peel), about how down to earth eating (and living) can massively benefit your life. Come along if you can!

It's brilliant to be able to start getting out there and talking to others about all this great stuff, how to get started, and how easy and life changing it can be...

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Take a second look...

Turns out what I thought was a horrible weed patch waiting to be pulled, is in fact full of highly nutritious edible plants and fabulous bugs and insects, all working together in harmony.

My view on gardening is going through a massive change as I learn all about forest gardening and companion planting with hints of permaculture beginning to show through too.

The best thing of all is getting out there and trying these new things out!

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Our first step towards becoming more Resilient

Clean water, clean air, shelter, nutritious food. Basic essentials of life. The food you're feeding your children is safe and nutritious right? Of course it is. It comes from the supermarket all neatly packaged in plastic with a label. Really? And if it's there this week it'll be there next week, right?

I've been asking myself questions like this lately. I know the global food supply will come under threat with climate change and more severe weather patterns. And although our family doesn't personally rely on supermarkets much, we do rely on organic whole foods sourced from NZ and around the world.

So. With my knowledge that real nutrition is food in it's most natural form, and that some of the things food needs to be grown are bees, good soil, clean water, sunshine and not too much wind. That has lead me down the track to our first step in becoming more resilient...

Resilience Step 1 - Plant a Food Forest
Large Apple Tree with circle of Raspberries planted around drip line
Herb seeds scattered between berries and tree
Comfrey planted in between also
Dock & nettle left in ground as they are beneficial
Twitch dug and turned over
Yesterday I started planting the beginnings of our food forest. A big step as it's a new thing to get your head around. But what I learn't from the Guyton's recently is just get out there and get started!

Food forests, when done right after time, have the ability to mostly look after themselves while providing incredible nutrition and an abundance of the good stuff that we, plants and soil all need to thrive.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

A huge shift in my thinking....

Information, Adaptation and Resilience. Have I lost you? Stay with me for a minute...

These are the main notions that keep circling my head since reading the latest Climate Change Report summary which came out last week.

So, how has my thinking changed? It's simple. I can't save the world. I'm just one person. But I can help my community become more resilient.

Our children (and us) face a changing climate, bringing with it massive threats. For everyone. If you're a sceptic read the report.

So how about we turn these threats into opportunities. Smart people do this. The not so smart don't, and they will become the most vulnerable.

Start by bringing it down to a local level. Where ever you live how is your climate most likely to change? If you don't know, get some experts together and work it out. Get Informed.

With that information you can then begin to work out how you can Adapt. And when you adapt you start to form Resilience.

I sure as hell don't want my daughter to ask me why I did nothing about it when I still could. I want to be able to say... 'Darling.. I did'.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Future Living... where do I start?

David Round - Environmental Lawyer
Sustainability Panel Discussion
I don't know where to start... the Future Living Festival was so awe-inspiring, so jam packed, and so informatively empowering that discussions formed since will have ripple effects across our community for a long time to come.

My camera batteries went flat and I didn't manage to charge them. Big mistake. Hence, no photo of the inspirational Robert Guyton or his incredibly knowledgeable wife Robyn.

But never fear, I may find other photos to share, and we will be visiting the Guyton's Forest Garden in Riverton in a few weeks time!
Eugenie Sage - Minister of Parliament
Sustainability Panel Discussion

Sam Judd - 2013 Young NZ'er of the Year
Spreading the word about waste, water
& the devastating effects of plastic pollution

Water Matters Forum Panel
Full house