Sunday, 12 May 2013

Ever been to a Poultry show?

The big fella
When I heard there was a poultry show coming to Timaru (the Heartland Poultry Club) you have no idea how excited I was. A poultry show! Have you ever been to one? I hadn't, and I was keen as mustard to find out what it was like and hopefully just hopefully come away with some poultry friends of my own to keep.

So I donned my wollen rooster hat and set off on an adventure...

Well, the show way exceeded my expectations. They sound amazing for a start! The calls of all those roosters is like nothing you've ever heard.

And this here rooster was the star of the show for me, he even won a prize.

I entered a few raffles trying to nab myself a new chicken coop, and I found two smart looking ladies just waiting for me to take them home.  Sandy and Dolly, who've already started laying us eggs.

I wanted to go back to the show again the next day, it was so good but I knew I'd end up coming away with more laying friends than we have room for...

Teeny Tiny Egg Display

Sandy and Dolly, our new Sussex chickens
Sandy is a pullet and Dolly a Hen

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