Sunday, 9 June 2013

Earth Oven Works Begin...

Meet Lee from Lee's Earth Ovens
Wow it's all happening here folks! It's exciting. And it's going to be big. Lee from Lee's Earth Ovens started work on our new Earth Oven this weekend and it looks great.

Up came the grass, the footings were dug and bricks began to be laid.

A massive hole (future hangi pit!) was dug in the paddock too, where Lee found what turns out to be really beautiful mottled clay which he'll use for the oven dome. Seven hefty loads of the stuff was heaved up our hill to near the oven site.. which just happens to be right outside our kitchen door.

The Earth Oven Brickwork starting to dry.
It's a beautiful thing.

Digging through our Topsoil to
the Subsoil which is predominantly Clay

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