Thursday, 18 July 2013

Final steps to Earth Oven Pizza Bliss...

It's a masterpiece! And what a fantastic creation to watch being built before your eyes using clay from your own paddock.

We've been firing up the oven gently this week to help dry out the clay.

Last night we cooked pancakes and they were delicious! This weekend the oven will be ready for pizza's and very soon a very kind neighbour will be engineering us a door using reclaimed materials. We're all fired up and ready for this weekend's workshop, watch this space! Here's some more fantastic photos...

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How big oven is our oven!

Lee laying the slate top

Ready for firing!

Pancakes never tasted better
Turns out earth ovens are great
for warming up a red on a winters night

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  1. Wow, pizzas from your own oven are going to taste fantastic! Your family and friends must be really looking forward to the oven being ready!