Tuesday, 10 December 2013

It's Blue. It's Sexy. It's ELECTRIC.

Pedego Electric Bike
An electric bike.

That's right folks.

I've found a way that I can make a difference. Sure I'll still have my car but my goal is to use it much less, saving on fuel, helping save the planet, help me get fit and even save some money.

With this little beauty I'll BREEZE up my hill with the two kids in the trailer on the back.

It costs about 20cents to power it up to travel 80kms!

So a nice man is sending it down to Timaru for me to try out. I'll let you know what it's like....


  1. how fantastic i really admire your efforts to live true to your principles!

  2. It looks great! Other than being electric, it looks like my old bike!

  3. My husband loves his electric bike and wonders why he didn't get it years ago!
    His isn't beautiful blue :-)